“A look at health and natural well-being


A good beginning makes a good ending, so nothing is better than our hearty breakfast in the garden: our sweet and savory buffet will be provided with handmade cakes, yogurts and bread thanks to Vicky, who will delight you with tasty and light recipes.

Our very good chef will welcome you back from the beach with a generous buffet of vegetables and plates always rich and tasty, that you will personally choose from the menù. Every day the choice will be between fish and meat, which you will taste in a completely air-conditioned environment.

But it isn’t over yet! Every evening you will always find a different buffet waiting for you, with thematic appetizers: from rustic or Mediterranean appetizers to the amazing tipical Romagna’s dinner and the macrobiotic vegetarian buffet prepared by Vicky.
Moreover, Vicky will prepare every day three different desserts, for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Don’t worry about possible dietetic needs for adults and children: hotel Bristol is ready to satisfy every requirement!